Mars Desert Research Station

Utah Desert, USA

5th - 19th May 2019

The Crew

The LATAM-III mission is promoted by the Mars Society Peru Chapter and it will be carried out by an international crew:

  • Mariona Badenas-Agusti (Co-Commander & Crew Astronomer)
  • Vittorio Netti (Co-Commander & Health and Safety Officer)
  • Paolo Guardabasso (Executive Officer)
  • Marlen Castillo Vilcahuaman (Crew Scientist)
  • Héctor Palomeque (Greenhab Officer)
  • Zoe Townsend (Crew Journalist)
  • Camilo Zorro (Crew Engineer)


During the LATAM-III mission, each member of the crew will conduct research in areas that will be critical to future space exploration. This includes astrobiology, space engineering, astrophysics, and psychology. Through a variety of experiments, the crew will investigate technologies, and research areas that could prove useful for a future base on Mars.

Astrophysics Research

Our mission will be to use the MDRS-14 robotic telescope to study the properties of star clusters and search for unknown minor bodies. It will also perform astrophotography and utilize the Musk telescope to analyse the solar chromosphere.


Rovers are seen as instrumental in future space exploration, whether for observation, data collection, building or transport. Drones have the potential to revolutionise planetary exploration, as they can travel higher and faster than rovers can but still allow high-resolution sensing.

Space Farming

Agriculture on Mars will require selected microbes capable of surviving under hazardous environment. Therefore, we will test microbes from radioactive zones on growing plants.

Human Factors

The future crews that will explore Mars will have to work in perfect synergy during isolation and stressful situations. This experiment will test group problem solving capabilities.

LATAM III Countdown


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